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Protecting and passing on your digital memories to your loved ones

In June, the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) launched a new “Protect your Digital Memories” campaign . The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage people to protect their digital memories. STEP is calling for both the government and digital service providers to do more to help people put plans in place and also provide support to families and loved ones wanting to gain access to a deceased’s account. But why is protecting your digital assets and memories so important?

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Safeguarding is vital when appointing others to act

Financial abuse of vulnerable people by those acting on their behalf is on the rise, with investigations into the actions of appointed attorneys soaring to a record high.

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Reform set to cut complexity of inheritance tax - 31 July 2019

Sweeping reform of inheritance tax has been recommended to cut complexity of the so-called ‘death tax’, but experts are warning that individuals will need to review existing planning if the changes go ahead.

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How to Challenge a Will - 15 July 2019

Typically, the most important factor in challenging a will is time. The earlier you are able to begin the process, the better. From the outset, our advice is to get help from a legal expert who specialises in contested wills as quickly as possible.

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Contested probate – how and why wills can be contested - 12 July 2019

Distributing the estate of a deceased person is a challenge that often results in legal wrangles between family and friends, especially if they feel that they haven’t been included in the will or have been ‘short changed’ in some way. This can lead to family arguments and even a challenge to the will itself. But under what conditions can a will be challenged and how do you go about doing so? Here, we take a brief look at situations where a will might be challenged.

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