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Unannounced Updates to the How to Rent Guide - 13 August 2019

Serving the latest and most up-to-date version of the How to Rent Guide to tenants is an integral part of the process of being a Landlord. Serving an outdated copy can create serious complications further down the line of your tenant’s tenancy. Tenants can use the fact that they have not been provided with the latest version to challenge things like notices to quit.

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Enjoying the bounty of summer, without breaking the law

There’s an old saying that the only things that are truly free in this world are blackberries. Summer is the time for heading out into the countryside, and (as long as you know what you’re doing), foraging for free wild goodies like juicy blackberries, wild mushrooms, and plants.

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Tenant Fees Act 2019 - 26 April 2019

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 (the Act) is part of a Government scheme to make residential letting fairer and to reduce the “hidden” costs that many tenants face when renting in the private sector. Tenants can see at the outset of a tenancy what the real cost of renting that property will be.

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Changes to the Leasehold System - How do they affect you? - 15 April 2019

After the release of the latest committee report into the housing industry and developers’ use of leasehold agreements, many landlords are concerned that the government’s response could impact their businesses. Here, we look at the committee’s findings, examine what the government’s response is likely to be, and discuss the reaction of the housing sector so far.

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Brexit maddening but not frustrating when it comes to contracts

The ruling by the High Court means the lease held by the European Medicines Agency will not be frustrated by the UK’s departure from the EU or by the Agency’s move to Amsterdam.

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