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Office of National Statistics reports rapid increase in cohabiting couples

Yesterday, the Office of National Statistics released an update on the numbers surrounding family types in the UK. In this report, it was revealed that in the span of 10 years, the number of cohabiting couples has increased by 25.8%.

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When can you let your children fend for themselves? - 1 August 2019

If you’re a parent, you’ll be familiar with how long it takes to get your children ready to leave the house. Whether it’s setting up the pram for the baby, filling your bag with all the supplies you need or finding lost shoes, it can be a real pain to do anything quickly, especially if you have an appointment to get to, or shopping to buy.

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The question of surrogacy in the UK - 18 June 2019

It’s an area of family law that isn’t often discussed in public. Indeed, many people incorrectly think that it’s still illegal in this country. But surrogacy is an accepted practice in England and throughout the UK, as long as it isn’t done for profit.

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MIAM – what you need to know about family mediation

Family breakups are, without doubt, one of the most stressful and upsetting processes anyone can go through. This is particularly true if there are children involved, and/or the separation is not amicable.

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Careful preparation of committal applications - 12 April 2019

The case of Hammound v Al Zawawi 2019 showcased the importance of adequate preparation when filing applications with the Family Court.

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