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Landlords feel heat on changes in multiple occupation licensing - 1 November 2019

Landlords who have not responded to legislation introduced last year to protect tenants in multiple occupancy properties are facing massive fines.

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How to Challenge a Will - 15 July 2019

Typically, the most important factor in challenging a will is time. The earlier you are able to begin the process, the better. From the outset, our advice is to get help from a legal expert who specialises in contested wills as quickly as possible.

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Business Disputes - 23 February 2018

When engaging in business disputes, it is important to understand the little things. Attention to detail is key; even if it’s just remembering these few tips on how to deal with these types of legal proceedings.

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Fitness for Habitation -18 October 2017

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill is due for its second reading on 19 January 2018. This is a private members bill, which is being promoted by Karen Buck MP.

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