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Feathering new nests for fledglings

Exam results have been released and new students know where they will be heading for university. Following the relief of results day, the next big headache for parents is often the search for accommodation, whether for first-timers or returning students.

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Gas Safety: Kaur v Griffith

This recent case involved Ms Kaur and her shorthold tenant; Ms Griffith who’s tenancy began in December 2016. This tenancy became statutory periodic in June 2017.

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Being sure of the groundrules in the garden - 29 April 2019

Warmer weather draws our attention to the outdoors and a visit to the garden centre will be top of the to-do list for many as their thoughts turn to gardens after the slow start to spring. But being sure of the ground rules is a good idea before you start.

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Tenant Fees Act 2019 - 26 April 2019

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 (the Act) is part of a Government scheme to make residential letting fairer and to reduce the “hidden” costs that many tenants face when renting in the private sector. Tenants can see at the outset of a tenancy what the real cost of renting that property will be.

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Complying with the new energy efficiency legislation (EPC tests)

As if landlords didn’t have enough paperwork to worry about, as of the 1st April 2018, things got even more complicated.

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