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Mum and Dad need to get with it - 17 February 2020

Parents who help their children get on the property ladder are being urged to adopt a more professional approach when it comes to handing over the cash.

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Safeguarding is vital when appointing others to act

Financial abuse of vulnerable people by those acting on their behalf is on the rise, with investigations into the actions of appointed attorneys soaring to a record high.

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Landlady forced to pay Tenant £12,600 in addition to returning the deposit

The case of Liaw v Sohal saw the tenant walking away with 7 times as much money as she paid in deposit. This was largely due to the breaches committed by the Landlady.

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Thinking about divorce? Here's a few things you may want to know

January continues to see a spike in divorce cases. Here are some interesting facts about relationship breakdowns.

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Talking and teamwork to tackle Christmas break-ups

Divorce rates have fallen to their lowest level since the 1970s but breakdowns continue to spike after the festive season, and professionals are encouraging couples with rocky relationships to focus on talking to each other in the run up to Christmas.

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