It is tempting to put off making a Will. But if you die without making a Will your estate will be governed by the rules of intestacy. This can mean that your spouse or partner will not inherit the whole of your estate, or your estate may not be distributed in the way that you wish. Even worse, if you are cohabiting, your partner may have to go to Court to receive any financial assistance from your estate.

It is important to draw up a Will to enable you to take control of your affairs, to give you the opportunity to choose your Executors and to ensure that your family will be looked after as you would wish them to be. Many people choose to appoint us to work with family members as Executors and we are always happy to do so. Generations of families have entrusted us with helping their families at this difficult time. We will also advise about the appointment of guardians and ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for any children you have who are under 18. We can also advise you about delaying your children’s inheritance beyond that age.

With more and more people having second families, making sure that everyone is looked after can be a complicated business. We help you by discussing all your circumstances and ensuring that the interests of first and second families are properly taken into account.

If you have concerns about disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries we will discuss these concerns with you and advise how best to protect these beneficiaries on your behalf, sometimes by means of Trusts.

One of our specialist and experienced team will meet you to discuss your circumstances to make sure that the Will we prepare for you is appropriate for your requirements. We like to meet all our Clients to ensure that we understand their circumstances properly. We often find that when we meet people and discuss their requirements, they are not as they thought they might be. Sometimes they are more complicated and on other occasions they are more straightforward. However, most of the questions we ask are simple and there is no reason why they cannot be dealt with at a preliminary meeting.

Once your Will has been prepared to your satisfaction we ask you to come back to the office for a short appointment when the Will will be signed by you and witnessed by us. We will then store the Will free of charge in our dedicated and secure strong room.

We advise that a Will should be regularly reviewed to reflect changing circumstances. These might include marriage or civil partnership, divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren or any other change in your financial circumstances. We will always be happy to discuss any concerns you might have in relation to this.

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