The next Sharman Law Letting Forum will take place on Wednesday, 28 June 2017.

We were rather troubled to see the report from the Ministry of Justice that 70% of claims involving possession based upon Section 21 Notices are affected by problems on the validity of the notices.  Anna and I still see a steady number of cases involving Section 21 Notices where, for some reason or other, we have to advise landlords that their notice is invalid.  This is, perhaps, not surprising given the changes that have come into effect over the last three years or so as a direct result of court cases, the Localism Act, and the Deregulation Act.  Problems can arise because of the dating of notices, failure to deal with deposits correctly or uncertainties on the provision of prescribed information to tenants.

We thought it would therefore be a good idea to review Section 21 Notices and take a reminder look at the four particular scenarios which landlords and tenants have to consider depending upon the date of tenancy agreements and the date of payment or protection of deposits.

This is quite a large topic and therefore is the only one which we propose to look at in this letting forum.

We will, however, as usual, have time for your questions.

I hope you will be able to come along.  As usual, we aim to meet at our offices in Bedford at 12:30pm and start the presentation at 1.00pm.  Light refreshments which will be served.

If you would like to join us could you please let me or my secretary Ann McFarlane know.

With best wishes

Simon Parrott