Enforcement of Tribunal Awards and Settlements

When a dispute between employee and employer arises, sometimes those disputes are settled by Agreement between the employer and employee directly (or through their legal advisers).


ACAS Early Conciliation

The Employment Appeal Tribunal in Tanveer v East London Bus and Coach Company Limited was recently asked to consider the issue of when, following ACAS Early Conciliation and the production of an Early Conciliation Certificate, any subsequent claim for unfair dismissal would be time barred.


Promoting Religious Belief at Work

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has recently heard an appeal in the case of Wasteney -v- East London NHS Trust. The case concerned a claim for unlawful religious discrimination against Ms Wasteney who was a Christian employed by the East London NHS Trust.


Taxable Status of Severance Payments

In the March 2016 Budget, George Osborne announced future changes that would be made to the status of severance payments


Employer Internet Monitoring

Employers face stricter controls on private internet monitoring.


National Living Wage

From 1st April 2016, a new ‘National Living Wage’ will apply in addition to the National Minimum Wage.


Employers Vicarious Liability

Generally speaking, employers will be liable for TORTS (civil wrongs) committed by an employee under the doctrine of Vicarious Liability if the requirements of a two stage test are met.


Frost Alert

Employers are on frost alert, following the news that a home care worker has won her claim for damages after slipping on ice and breaking her wrist when visiting a client.


Avoiding the worst sort of hangover from a Christmas party

‘Tis the season to be merry, so it’s time for the annual Christmas party; but for many employers it’s often more fraught than fun, as wherever and whenever the event takes place, it’s still an extension of the working environment.


Changes to Tax-free Termination Payments

On the 24 July 2015, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs published a consultation document on the taxation of payments made to employees at the time of termination.


More Parents Can Ask For Time Off From Next Month

New rules for parents wanting time off to look after their children will come into force in April


Shared Parental Leave

Read about the provisions that are due to come into force concerning shared parental leave



The European court weighs in with obesity verdict


Be Careful If You’re Leaving Employees Alone This Christmas

As the countdown to the festive season gets underway, employers juggling the holiday requests are being reminded to check their policy for lone workers.


Compromise Agreements – are they on the way out

This employment briefing deals with Compromise Agreement and how they are likely to change in the future.


Employment Tribunal fees

Will there be fees payable in Employment Tribunal cases in the future?

It looks as though (from next year) Lawyers will no longer be advising their clients that the Tribunal process is cheaper than the County Court (where fees have always been payable)!


Inappropriate Use of Social Media

The ever increasing use of social media sites such as Facebook is beginning to impinge on employment law as my briefing explains!


Employers – be careful what you write!

A recent Court of Appeal decision is a salutary lesson about the unintended consequences of what you write to your employees


Pension contributions

One of the recipients of these Briefings has asked me whether an employer is legally obliged to keep paying into a pension fund as part of an employee’s remuneration package where the employee chooses to keep working beyond what was the previous “normal retirement age”?



There is a natural tension between the position of the employer and that of the employee – the employer wanting not to end up being sued for a reference provided; and the employee wanting to ensure that he or she gets as many complimentary remarks included in it as possible.


Regional Mediation Pilot Scheme Launched & Unfair Dismissal Qualifying Period

Consultation on how to resolve workplace disputes other than through the Employment Tribunal Service


Changes in 2012

Changes to the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims and the increase in limits for working out statutory redundancy payments and compensation awards


Employment Law Changes Next Year

What changes are actually going to happen in the near future in employment law, and what other changes are simply proposed.


Social Media

This briefing looks at the way employers could deal with employees use of social media and an update on the national minimum wage for work experience students/interns


Statistics and Reporting Accidents

2010/2011 statistics released by the Employment Tribunal that may be relevant to employers or employees


Costs in an Employment Tribunal Claim

The matter of costs is of paramount consideration for employers and employees when deciding whether to bring or defend an employment tribunal claim.