Well, we survived! None of us got blown off the mountain or drowned so that is a significant achievement this weekend! We have heard how wonderfully sunny and warm the weekend was here in Bedfordshire – imagine the exact opposite weather and you are somewhere close to the conditions in the Lake District!

There are fewer photos than last year as it was simply too wet to risk getting the phone out too often but I did manage to take a few (not very flattering I’m afraid!) photos of the day. You will see the picture of some sheep who were much more sensible than us sheltering in a barn!

The team managed 11 miles up and down the mountain – there was still a significant amount of climbing and it was very slippery underfoot so the going was hard. We have discovered that no matter how ‘waterproof’ your clothing, it was no match for the torrential rain.

Despite the weather, we had a great weekend and all did exceptionally well given the conditions! The training for next year may have to include swimming just in case!