If you want a divorce within two years after separating from your spouse, you will usually need to satisfy the Court that he or she has either committed adultery or has behaved unreasonably during the course of the marriage.

We can discuss this with you to see if you have sufficient grounds and then prepare the divorce petition for you. Many people who do not have a solicitor fall into difficulties with this as they are unclear as to exactly what information the Court requires and how to set it out.

The alternative is to wait until you have been living apart for a period of two years and then to start Proceedings on the basis of that period of separation. Your spouse’s consent is, however, crucial to enable the divorce to go through at that time. If that consent is not given then you would have to be separated for a period of five years before the divorce can proceed on the basis of separation alone.

The law in relation to dissolving civil partnerships is similar but with certain differences. We can advise you fully on this.

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