Debt Collecting

Whether you are owed a significant amount of money from one individual or you are running a business and are owed smaller amounts of money from many individuals, either way, the failure of a party to make payment on time can have serious consequences for individuals and businesses alike – in the worst case scenario, the effect on cash flow could put a business at risk of being unable to meet its liabilities.

If you are owed money and have been unable to recover it, we would be very happy to advise you in connection with the recovery of those sums and guide you through the process of entering into negotiations and/or mediation and, if need be, through the process of issuing Court Proceedings, obtaining Judgments and enforcing those Judgments in the event that payment is not received.

We will also be able to consider the particular circumstances of the case and advise you on the merits of pursuing the claim and, if you have obtained a Judgment, the best way of enforcing that Judgment against a Judgment Debtor.

Whilst we are retained by a number of businesses to deal with their routine debt collection work, we also deal with one-off claims of more significant sums and also personal (non-commercial) debt matters.

In addition to acting for parties who are owed money, we also act for those who are alleged to owe money to others. If you have received demands for money and dispute liability or indeed are unable to make payment without first entering into negotiations over the sums demanded or the terms of payment, we can also assist.

If you would like to speak to us about a debt matter, please contact a member of our team.

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