Corporate Transactions

Corporate Transactions

Sale and Purchases

Our experienced corporate lawyers are here to assist the buyer or seller from start to finish, carefully managing the transaction process along the way. We work closely with our clients to take as much of the burden of the transaction from their shoulders and to achieve their objectives within the agreed timescale. Our work will typically involve the following:

Management Buy-outs/Buy-ins/Venture Capital

Our corporate lawyers over the years have acted for numerous management teams in management buy-outs and buy-ins and understand the issues particular to those transactions.

Corporate Reorganisations

Companies often need to reorganise their legal structure for a variety of reasons whether it be for tax, accounting, or legally driven. Our corporate lawyers can assist companies of all sizes with their reorganisation and dealing with the legal issues that arise and the documentation that is required. This can involve a number of issues such as consulting with employees, obtaining customer approval, dealing with property issues and the restructuring of internal debt or shareholder funds.

Succession Planning/Exit Strategies

Businesses grow and develop, but the owners ultimately need to consider how they will eventually exit or pass them on. We work with owner managers to identify how they may successfully realise their investment, for the benefit of themselves, their families, their employees or future management. This may involve a management buy-out, a management buy-in, a trade sale, or other ways to return funds to shareholders.